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Working with Sowila 

‘I paint from a spirit within. Through that spirit I tap into others; feeling and sensing. I listen to the whispers, to the wind, I look for a glint in a rock, a hidden story; by watching and listening I connect spiritually with the Earth and all that comes from within, this is how I capture my art.’



Sowila works closely with her clients to produce a work of art that they connect with visually and spiritually.


Each piece of art takes many hours to create

and  is something that is designed to give its

owner pleasure, it is something to be admired  and treasured everyday.  

Every piece of Sowila's art  is created to send a unique personal message to its owner.





Many things are taken into consideration when commissioning a painting.

Sowila spends time communicating with her clients to find out the style of painting they desire; the required size, where it will be hung, the colour palette and the medium of work.

Everything is considered;  home, lifestyle, spirituality, and the message or story behind each piece of art.




Sowila takes all that information and lets her creative spirit evolve.

Every painting comes from within and each painting is unique.

Although Sowila is self taught and has no knowledge of her ancestors dreaming, she believes that her gift of spiritual sight has been handed down to her from her ancestors. It is a gift that emanates a sense of peace which allows her to escape to a world where she opens her mind and soul and taps into her spiritual core. 


Each piece of Sowila's art is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity 

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